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So nice



I probably misunderstood the rules. I was sure that insulting a user was strictly prohibited and the insulter should be banned. I was told in the past to avoid answering to any kind of provocative language and ignore any kind of insult. With my surprise I discover today that somebody can allow himself to open a provocative and insulting thread against people, suggesting same kind of illness and laughing at them, that cannot even answer to him, due to their status of banned users ! Which is really astonishing. Isn't it ?


Futhermore is very embarassing in my opinion, from the ruler point of view I mean, that the one who is banned is me and not you. If you remember (I rely on your good memory) I have been proposing to you for a long time to ignore each other putting our nicks inside the famous ignore list. This was intended to avoid this kind of sorrow situation in which one should suffer injuries and provactions. The strange result of it is that I was banned while you are free of insulting as nothing had happened!

This is striking !! and far from being understood from the humanity 'till now !
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